A message for women..

When the sun rises, or sets, it doesn’t ask for anything. It just does what it does.. and what it does, becomes appreciated.

When the flower blooms, when the rain turns into hail, it contributes to the beauty of the world, and doesn’t ask for attention.

Similarly, when women try a bit too hard to show the world that they are beautiful, they fail. Some methods of use, to prove worth are actually inadvertently distracting what makes a woman beautiful in the first place.





However, unfortunately we live in a world that doesn’t place emphasis on such things. True beauty, doesn’t ask for recognition of any sort. True beauty, recognizes the beauty within all things. External reasons, such as big breasts, butt and hour glass body figures are not what make a woman beautiful.

Sadly, women play into such problems and propaganda everytime they draw attention to such monotonous and mundane things….

My book ROMANTIC PROPAGANDA touches greatly on such topics.

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Poetry for Women.

My book ROMANTIC PROPAGANDA, chooses to highlight strength and empowerment for both men and women through poetry.

She doesn’t need to prove her opinion.
She doesn’t need to prove she is wanted by men.
She doesn’t need to prove that she is happy.
She doesn’t need to prove that she has moved on
She doesn’t need to prove her revenge
She doesn’t need to prove that she has alot of money
She doesn’t need to prove how much she knows
She doesn’t need to prove that she IS.

That’s not weakness.
That’s not being silent
That’s being secure.

Actually, people who are quick to lash out and defend their perspectives are the least mature.

A wise man once said, “True wisdom is having something to say, and saying nothing at all.” Because you know and have confidence in yourself

Applies to men too.

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I am pleased to announce that I was featured in the 6th issue of Amare Magazine! My book “Romantic Propaganda,” was discovered by the magazine group’s CEO and founder who took an interest on my work.

I am also pleased to announce that I will also be featured in their upcoming issue #7 magazine this June!

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Why you should not return to an EX LOVER

There are times, when you might feel that going back to a past lover is a good idea. You may remember all of the good times you two shared, all of the wonderful things that they have said or have done for you. Going back to your ex, might seem like a good idea too, because you think about all of the time spent, invested into getting to know that person, and growing to love them.

Going back to an ex lover is a bad choice for five reasons:

  1. You exhaust your energy on someone that didn’t work out, versus on the one that will work out
  2. You reinforce negative expectations in the person, by anticipating another disappointment
  3. You demonstrate a lack of faith that you will find someone who will love and respect you better
  4. You lose the opportunity to be available to someone who might help enhance your vision, and provide to you the love and respect that you deserve
  5. You show your ex partner, that you are not serious about your standards, and that anything you say you will do, will never be taken with a grain of salt. They know they “got you” and that they are in control.

Now your ex lover, might be a good person. Yes, you can forgive them, and continue to love them. But, forgiving your ex, is not a concession into tolerating them in your life at any given point. In other words, you do not need to rekindle any romantic or platonic relationships with them, in order to demonstrate that you have forgiven and accept them.

You can fully, not involve them in your life, and still remain happy, peaceful and ready to shape your future. Remember, they became an ex for a reason. The problem could be you, it could be them…but in the end, it did not “work out.”

Maybe they lied to you. Maybe they cheated on you. Maybe the broke your heart so bad, that it took YEARS to strengthen your knees and stand again. Now, after all of what you have endured, they live their life, do what they please, see who they want, do what they want, while you have been suffering, WALTZ in and says to you, “hey.” And you’re ready to hop back in their lap?


Don’t do that. Don’t do that.

All of your pain that you have endured, is meant to help you grow, and channel that growth towards someone who deserve your love and ambition


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Romantic Propaganda is taking off

After it’s February 15th launch, ROMANTIC PROPAGANDA started off on a rock road. However, by word of mouth, and social media tags, the hype for this book’s content has reached around the entire world. From the United States, to the United Kingdom, Europe and India, this book has been purchased and adored everywhere

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With February 14, right around the corner, I am anxious for this book’s establishment in the world. Hitting Amazon USA, and Amazon UK, Romantic Propaganda will have the privilege of entering the homes of millions who unite with the world in admiration of dark poetry. Romantic Propaganda exposes the superficial reality that can be seen in the realm of romance. It exposes the influence of the world’s media, that paints a false image of what real romance is, and should be. It also has samples of my upcoming novel, “Fire in the Water.”

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Both hard Image-Wrap edition and Soft Cover edition will be available. 

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It has been a while since I have posted anything on my website. Thank you for your support and goodness during this journey everyone. Have a blessed new year ☺